Mission Statement: The goal of NJFIATS.ORG is to bring together our fellow Fiat owners in order to foster a mutal enjoyment of Fiats produced and brought into the United States. We strive to provide technical information and assistance to other owners. Our meetings are in place so that members can connect a face with the person on the other end of the computer or phone. It's also a great oppertunity to view other members cars up and personal.
At NJFIATS.ORG our requirements are rather arduous. In order to even be considered as a member of this rather elite group of fine Italian Automobile owners the prospective new member must meet the following requirements:
1) Sense of humor is required (Those without a sense of humor need not apply) You must be able to laugh at us and most of all at yourself.  We are a fun loving group.
2). You must own a Fiat or an acceptable Italian Automobile
3) If you don't currently own a Fiat you may qualify if you  want to purchase a Fiat. (Don't worry we will help you find one)
4) You must appear in person at one of our Offical Functions in order to be recognized as a member. NEW JERSEY RESIDENCE IS NOT REQUIRED
An Offical Function is defined as the gathering of 4 or more members at any location that involves Fiat's. Example: Our monthly breakfast at Mastrois Dinner on Rt 130 in Bordentown. Any announced NJFIATS.ORG event.  Any announced work party involving club members and Fiats
There are no admission fees or dues. Nobody's in charge. Come join us and have a great time with your fine Italian Automobile
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