Brady’s Custom Fiat Spider 124




Seat Belt Guides
Match your interior! Easy on/off Comes ready to paint. They connect to the head rests. Belt stays in the loop and off your neck unlike the originals.
So strong, these will definitely outlast our cars!   Made of 5/16” steel.

You can see their appearance painted on the Windscreen picture below.














Stainless Air Intake Heat Shield
$35+shipping. Easy to install. It connects between the filter and Air flow sensor.














Stainless Exhaust Heat Shield -Tired of painting your manifold?
$35+ shipping. It comes with Stainless washers and acorn nuts. (x3 ea.) Easy to install. This shield is decorative only. You still need the original shield














If you are missing the original Heat Shield, I can make it for you too.
$45 + shipping. The shield comes ready to paint. Easy install.

















Wind Screen- Head rest or Roll Bar
$216 shipped. Comes with everything needed. Super screen, so strong! Cut it, you still can't pull it apart. Made with 5/16" steel welded, acid etched, primed, and painted.

It stops the swirling wind that hits you from behind. You can now enjoy your radio, have a conversation, or just listen to the sound of your engine a lot clearer.



























Front Speaker Boxes for cars with the opening within the front fender.
$169 + shipping. The boxes will protect your speaker investment from the elements. But most of all will are a night and day difference with the sound you'll hear from your speakers.

It's like having the rear speaker box in the front. If interested, I can give you a contact of another who has these in their car.
Boxes would be constructed of 1/4 pine glued and stapled together. Sealed with Fiberglass resin and covered with bed liner.

Since all cars seem to be different. I figure it would be best for you to place them in your car and trace the position of the speaker.

Trace and cut out the hole. You might have to clean up some of the undercoating within your fender opening. If you have wheel well liners, 

 pull them forward to reveal if you have the opening. Usually it would be cars 78 1/2 and newer, unless the plate rusted, and came out.

If you enjoy have a nice stereo system. You'll enjoy the sound you'll get from these. These take 2 1/2 days to make and about $65 in supplies.